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​​The jetKAYAK  and jetANGLER are Aquanami’s take on the evolution of the Kayak. Both can be paddled, but that’s hardly the point – fire up the electric-start, 4-stroke engine with closed loop water cooling system and open the hand-held throttle and you’re off like a shot on your way with hight speed , which will feel very quick indeed when you’re sitting low in the waves. The joystick steering is quick and responsive enough to throw you if you’re not on your guard.
The kayaks feature waterproof storage compartments, fishing rod holders and an on-board dashboard telling you your engine RPM, battery level  and a petrol gauge. 
The jet pump is fitted with an innovative “weedcutter” device to ensure no vegetation gets curled up around the shafts – so there’s no problem with using it in sea-weedy water. The engine has been selected for its smooth, quiet drive so you can take it up a quiet river without making a nuisance of yourself to other campers.
All models are easy enough to transport and there’s an optional beach cart if you need to move them solo. Every Aquanami is constructed using a Fiberglass shell with a EPS foam core. This combination delivers a maximum strength to weight ratio. Closed cell EPS foam does not absorb water.  These little beasties are certainly not as terrifying some of the fire-breathing watercraft , but they’re zippy enough for good clean fun and they come in at a pretty attractive price.
Aquanami other major product is the crazy jetSURF, which essentially is a surfboard fitted with the same motor – and in the right hands, it really carves.
Craftsmanship, quality materials, and attention to detail are the tools we use to make AQUANAMI the best in the business. We are building a reputation as a leader in quality and innovation in the sport watercraft field.


We supply all parts, fast and with good price.

Stability and Maneuverability: Ergonomic and cutting edge design offers the stability at low speed while delivering maneuverability at middle to high speed. Our cable handle controller of Jetsurf features an easy to operate, light weight, maximum grip designed for comfort. Our Jetkayak lets you control your watercraft direction precisely with a centrally mounted joystick. Jetkayak is also equipped with dry storage compartment, foot rests and a comfortable seat.
New Foam Technology: EPS core foam surrounded by a thin layer of high density PU foam and covered by fiber glass for light weight and strength. Watercraft weights about 55 kg for Jetsurf model to 65 kg for Jetkayak GT model. 
Closed Loop Cooling: Closed loop cooling system uses coolant to keep the engine running at ideal temperatures. It also keeps out corrosive saltwater and debris.
Weed Cutter:  Equipped with a weed-cutter inside jet pump. Our wonderfully engineered "weed-cutter” does its job quietly, has no adverse effect to streamlined water flow and no adverse effect to maintenance of a jet.  No more weeds wrapping around shafts, and no more weeds blocking.
Green and Economic:  Four stroke, electric start engine is the quietest engine you could ever find in PWCs. It is clean and exceeds EPA and CE emission requirements. The engine gives you the power and performance you need, whether you are a serious rider or just want to get your feet wet.


User manual 9,5 PS

Aquanami user manual

User manual 15 PS

Aquanami user manual

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Aquanami user manual



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