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Inspired to create new Sport Water Craft (SWC) to deliver to consumers the most extraordinary water recreation experience, Mike Rui founded Surfango Inc in 2002. The company brought the prototypes of motorized surfboard and motorized kayak to 2004 Miami International Boat Show. The show was a success and received overwhelming responses from public and prospective dealers. The product received the Innovation Award of the Year by National Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA).  
The company exhibited the demo units of Model Hawaii and Model Powersurf at 2005 Miami International Boat Show, and took pre-orders from dealers and public. From January 2006 to December 2007, the company delivered hundreds of demo units to dealers and consumers while kept refining the products.
Unfortunately, the progress for fine products was interrupted after an investor jointed the company since the beginning of 2008. The company deceased its operation in June 2008.
Aquanami is the rebirth of the defunct Surfango by its former management team and some of its former shareholders in late 2010. At Aquanami, we are committed more than ever to deliver to the consumers our quality products and brand through innovation, technology and design.
Stay tuned for the up-coming news of exciting new generation Sport Water Crafts

Factory tour


Like all new and inovative products AQUANAMI is also target of coppycats which produce poor quality imitations. Be careful, and if you have any doubts, please contact us.



Poor build and components quality is not so visible on the picture, but you can see unprotected wiring and electronic box, some parts which are not secured, lack of some important parts and open loop cooling sistem which will significaly reduce engine life.

All our products are patented and have protected industrial design.
Copycats, importers and dealers of

copyes will be prosecuted.

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