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We are in process of making dealer network, therefore if you  want to become a dealer or distributor of these fun and economical product, please contact us with some background of your company and your idea of making business with Aquanami.


Fall and winter are right time to  organize large orders.
Spring and summer can be to late to make serious business.

It is recommended to place early order,  to guarantee the desired quantity and range of models and colors.
We have stock in CROATIA ( EU ) for sample units and for individual customers, but for bigger orders delivery time is in range of 60 days.


From October 8, 2017, new, simple terms for dealers:

Dealer prices and minimum quatity for dealers discounts are lowered

If you need multiple products in region where we do not have dealers   you can apply for one time dealer discount.

User manual 9,5 PS -

Aquanami user manual

User manual 15PS -

Aquanami user manual

Korisnički priručnik -

Aquanami user manual

        Why is RENTAL  business with Aquanami better than with Jetski

Purchase price
1 Jetski = 2-3 AQUANAMI
Fuel consumption
Jetski 15 - 20 L/h.  Aquanami about 5 L/h
Rental price / income
1/2 rental price of Jetski will make you more than double income
cheaper rental rate = more customers

Jetski is fun, fast and dangerous
Aquanami is FUN, fast, nimble and user friendly

Jetski: well known, loud, negative safety and ecologic perception
Aquanami: interesting novelty, quiet, safe, more eco-friendly

Manipulation, storage, transport:
Jetski 300/350 kg, Aquanami 90/115 kg

Jetski: expensive and difficult   Aquanami : low cost and simple


We do not recommend JetSURF model for rental purpose. because some skill is needed.

We recommend use of Aquanami products like guided tours and in any case under supervision.

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