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JetNAMI jetkayak re-defines traditional kayaking allowing you to glide through the water with ease, and fulfill your passion for exploration with the power and the maneuverability of this superior watercraft.
Let the JetNAMI be your guide. No longer will the distance, wind and the current get in the way of your destination!
Thanks to its amazingly shallow draft and direct drive jet propulsion, you can go place as shallow as 10 inches deep water on a Aquanami sport watercraft. 
When you looking for affordable recreation, this fun and fuel efficient watercraft offers ultimate freedom, peace and fun with affordable price.

-    Sit-in style kayak with enclosed hull design
-    Easy to use control handle
-    Two fishing rod holders and two fishing rod mounting bases
-    On board digital display
-    Dry storage compartment
-    Dimensions: 118" x 27.5", 300 x 70 cm
-    Dry weight 119 lbs - 54 kg
-    Rider weight limit: 200 lbs - 91 kg
-    Electric start
-    Max speed: 25 mph, 40 km/h

     depends of riders weight and sea (wave) condition

-    Engine: 9.5 hp four-stroke
-    Closed loop water cooling system
-    2 gallon ( 7,6 L ) gas tank: 2 hours at full throttle

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